1 - SideKick 365 CRM Overview

This video leads you through a quick overview of SideKick 365 CRM.  It shows you how the SharePoint Add In, Power BI Template, and PowerApp App are used together to deliver a powerful CRM solution using Office 365 and SharePoint Online.  

2 - Deeper Dive into Accounts, Opportunities, and Projects

This video takes a deep dive into Accounts, Opportunities, and Projects in the SharePoint Hosted Add-in - SideKick 365 CRM.  The video explains some of the thinking behind the design and gives valuable tips and tricks on how to use the Accounts, Oppportunities, and Projects modules efficiently.

3 - Leads, Acounts, Opportunities, and Projects Lifecycle

This video explains how you can work with Leads and convert them to an Account and then create an Opportunity and a Project to manage delivery after an Opportunity is closed.  

4 - BiDirectional Contact Sync to Outlook using Flow

SideKick 365  CRM uses  Microsoft Flow to allow Bidirectional sync of Contacts between SideKick 365 CRM and Outlook.  Sync can be scheduled to run on the hour, day, or weekly.  Use Contact Sharing in Outlook to finally have one Company Contact list.  Sync with Gmail or GContacts or use our PowerApp to take with you on your phone!  And what does this all cost - NOTHING! If you have Office 365, you already own everything you need!

5-SideKick 365 CRM PowerApp Mobile Interface using PowerApps

This video walks you through the new PowerApp  for SideKick 365 CRM. Our new PowerApp gives you a great mobile option to enter and view data on the road using a Phone or Tablet.  All data  is saved into the same SharePoint lists used by the Web Version of SideKick 365 CRM and the SideKick 365 CRM Power  template.   

Since all of our data is saved into SharePoint lists, there is NO additional charge to use our new PowerApp if you use Office 365!  The new PowerApp is a free download from AppSource.

6 - SideKick 365 CRM PowerBI PowerPAck Deep Dive

This video is a deep dive into our FREE PowerBI Content Pack for SideKick 365 CRM. This video gives a brief overview of capabilities and explains how the Content Pack  template works with the SharePoint lists behind SideKick 365 CRM.

The Content Pack is available as a free download form AppSource. 

7 - SideKick 365 CRM Email and Office Integration

This video show the deep integration we have with Microsoft Office and Outlook.  Easily save important emails, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files directly into Accounts, Opportunities, and Projects in SideKick 365 CRM.  These add-ins are FREE with your purchase or subscription to SideKick 365 CRM.

8 - SideKick 365 CRM Outbound EMail Campaigns

This video shows how you can use SideKick 365 CRM with Microsoft Flow and MailStyler 2 to create outbound Email campaigns. This is an amazing capability that is sure to increase your customer satisfaction and  impact your bottom line in a positive way.  Best of all - all you need to purchase is MailStyler 2 for $99 or MailStyler Pro for $199.  That is it - nothing else!  Stop wasting money and start leveraging Office 365 with SideKick 365 CRM TODAY.

9- Product, SalesPeople, Sales Goals, Sales Stages & PowerBI

This video explores the Product, Sales People, Sales Goals, and Sales Stages Modules within SideKick 365 CRM and explains how they are used with the PowerBI Reporting and Dashboard template this is available in AppSource for free.

10 - SideKick 365 CRM Security

This video shows how Security Profiles can be used to set up Sales Teams and limit what users can access based upon the Security Profile that you set up in SideKick 365 CRM.  Security profiles can be assigned to an Account, Opportunity, or Project.  The Security Profile applies to the Account, Opportunity, or Project and all their related items like Notes, Tasks, and Files.

11 - SideKick 365 CRM - Import Utility

This video shows how you can use the FREE import utility to import Accounts, Opportunities, and Contacts.  We will send you the Import Utility and supply standard Excel spreadsheets you can use to make sure the data imports smoothly.  Drop us a line at Info@SkyliteSystems.com and we will send you the guide and utility. 

You can also view the import guide by visiting the SideKick 365 Learning page in our website.

12 - SideKick 365 CRM Customization - Part 1

This Video shows you how to customize the SharePoint app included with SideKick 365 CRM.  It shows how to use the free utility - SideKick 365 Manager - to add fields and customize the screens to fit your needs.  SideKick 365 Manager includes sample html and a comprehensive guide! Just email us at info@SkyliteSystems.Com and we will send it out to you. 

13 - SideKick 365 CRM Customization - PArt 2

This video shows you how to customize the PowerApp  for SideKick 365 CRM.

14 - SideKick 365 CRM - PowerAPps Connector REplacement

This video shows you how to replace the connectors for the SideKick 365 CRM  PowerApp.  Your admin will need to do this after you download the PowerApp from AppSource so the it can access your instance of SideKick 365 CRM