I2P Express - InfoPath Inventory and Forms Library Migration

i2P Express - InfoPath Inventory and Migration

Inventory InfoPath - Site or Farm

i2P Express creates a comprehensive inventory of your InfoPath forms associated with Lists and Libraries in a SharePoint Site or Farm.  Use i2P Express to develop your plan of attack!

Map InfoPath XML into SharePoint

i2P Express creates automatic mapping between InfoPath XML in SharePoint Forms Libraries to regular  SharePoint Lists. You can edit as needed to make it a perfect fit for PowerApps and Flow

Migrate Repeating Sections

Migrate one or many repeating sections and data from your InfoPath forms into the new SharePoint lists  created by i2P Express.

Once migrated - you are all set to create a new PowerApp and/or Flow

Migrate InfoPath Attachments

Migrate attachments from InfoPath to regular SharePoint lists. 

5 Versions of i2P Express Available

1 – Inventory Only - $795 – no migration

2 – Inventory and Data  up to 10 forms  - $2,995

3 – Inventory and Data up to 20 forms - $3,995

4 – Inventory and 30  forms - $4,995

5 – Inventory & Unlimited forms - Call for Pricing

Want a Demo or Have Questions?

Contact us at Info@SkyLiteSystems.Com or call us at 949-529-5785

I2P Express - InfoPath Data Migration to PowerApps and Flow

Use i2P Express to create an inventory of your InfoPath forms and libraries and migrate data trapped in InfoPath  Lists and Forms Libraries to Modern SharePoint lists so you can use great new tools like PowerApps and Flow! 

i2P Express - Inventory, Migrate InfoPath Data to PowerApp

This Video shows you how to use i2P Express to inventory your InfoPath forms, create new lists in your target SharePoint site, and migrate data and attachments  from your current SharePoint InfoPath Lists to Modern Lists so you can replace your old InfoPath forms with PowerApps and Flow TODAY!

I2P Express Deep Dive

Deep Dive Demo of i2P Express to Migrate Forms Libraries- Inventory and Migrate InfoPath Forms Libraries to new SharePoint Modern Lists to Support migrating to PowerApps and Flow. Support for attachments, repeating sections, and migrating permissions!