SideKick 365 CRM Features

Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and Leads


SideKick365 CRM lets you manage your Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and Contacts.  You can easily add Notes, Tasks, and Documents as needed.  Opportunities also let you add in Products (both Inventory and Labor) and Spread the value over many time periods.

Case Management - Linked to Accounts and Opps or Stand - Alone


SideKick 365 CRM lets you manage Cases (we call them Projects) that are stand-alone or associated with an Account or Opportunity.  You can track Notes, Tasks, Contacts, Products ,and Documents associated with the Project.  Projects are a great way to keep customers happy.

Campaign Management and "Lite" Outbound Marketing


SideKick 365 CRM lets you set up simple outbound email campaigns and also track the effectiveness of marketing activities  and events like Trade Shows, Conferences, and other marketing events.  Report on these using the PowerBI Reports and Dashboards!

Save Important Copies of Emails and Files from Office & Outlook


SideKick 365 CRM includes a free Office and Outlook Add-in that lets you save important emails and files from within Outlook,  Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.  Just hit the button for SideKick 365 CRM in the ribbon and save to any Account, Opportunity, or Project (case).

Support For Sales Teams and Territories


SideKick 365 CRM lets you set up security profiles of Readers and Contributors on Accounts, Opportunities, and Projects.  Security profiles use AD, AAD, or SharePoint Groups.  The Security profile applies to all of the associated Notes, Tasks, Files, and Opportunities.

CRM On the Go and Powerful Dashboards and Reporting


Take SideKick 365 CRM with you on your phone thanks to the deep integration with PowerApps.  We also have Flows for data Integration. Finally, you can also use our PowerBI PowerPack to get a headstart on powerful DashBoards and Reports.  All  are included -  no additional charge.

Test Drive Request

Send us an EMail and we will send you a Test Drive Guide so you can try this out with a fully populated demo

You can also download a 60 Trial from The SharePoint Store

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