You found the Best SharePoint App on earth

SideKick 365 CRM

SideKick 365 CRM is a SharePoint based CRM App that leverages your investment in Office 365. 

SideKick 365 CRM is the first Office 365 Solution that blends the power of  SharePoint  with Flow for data integration, PowerApps to access the app on your phone, PowerBI for industry leading reporting, and Office add-ins for a deep integration with Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Word.  

Simply stated, SideKick 365 CRM changes the game by leveraging all the strengths and tools in Office 365 to deliver a powerful, full featured app that delivers the features and capabilities of apps costing $100 - $200 dollars per user per month for a $19.95 per user per month.  

This is not business as usual... this is the next big thing...  join us......

SideKick 365 CRM

SharePoint-Based CRM Solution that install into Office 365


SideKick 365 CRM is the successor to our award winning app SideKick 365 xRM - winner of best  SharePoint App in the world at Ignite 2016.  SideKick 365 CRM installs right into your Office 365 tenant unlocking the power of SharePoint and the Power Platform in Office 365.

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All the Features you expect at a Fraction of the Cost


Support for sales teams and territories, case management, deep integration wtih Office and Outlook, Powerful mobile interface, rich reporting and dashboards, and the familiar power of SharePoint under it all.  No hidden charges, add-on fees, or upsell features.

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Unifying Office 365, SharePoint Apps, and the Power Platform


SideKick 365 CRM is the first solution that unifies SharePoint with the  Dynamics Power Platform suite of PowerBI, PowerApps, and Flow.  The combination of SharePoint with Dynamics PowerPlatform delivers unmatched value and power in Office 365.  

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Low Cost and an Incredible Value with Your Office 365 Subscription


All you need is an Office 365 Subscription, a monthly subscription to SideKick365 CRM  (  $19.95 per named user or $299 one-time fee) and a PowerBi Pro Monthly Subscription for $10 per user to share Dashboards and Reports. 

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Deep Integration Office and Outlook


SideKick 365 CRM includes our free Office add-in that enables deep integration with Office and Outlook.  You can easily save copies of important Emails and Office files into Accounts, Projects,  and Opportunities.

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Extensible Platform to Customize and Improve as Needed


We have only just begun to unlock the true potential of the marriage of SharePoint with the Power Platform.  SideKick 365 CRM can be extended and customized as needed using SharePoint or any of the Power Platform tools. 

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