P2P Express - SharePoint PowerApp & Flow Copy/Reuse

P2P Express - Finally!

P2P Express is the only tool created to copy or reuse an embedded SharePoint PowerApp and any associated Flows. You can typically copy or reuse a PowerApp and associated Flows in 5 minutes or less.

P2P Express Cuts Hours to Minutes

P2P Express eliminates tedious and error-prone manual recreation of necessary SharePoint lists and libraries and performs all updates to PowerApps and Flows so they can easily be installed into a new list or team site. 

P2P Express Clones Necessary Lists

P2P Express will "clone"  all SharePoint lists and libraries needed for your embedded PowerApp and Flow into a new Target site in minutes and eliminate error-prone manual editing and file manipulation.

P2P Express Support ALM

P2P Express lets you set up Development, Test, and Production SharePoint environments so you can  develop and test your PowerApp and Flows safely before deploying into your SharePoint Production Environment.

P2P Express is Easy to Use

P2P Express guides you through each step.  It is simple enough for admins and  no special training or knowledge is needed.  Just follow the instructions on each screen and you will be able to copy or reuse you embedded PowerApp and Flows in minutes.

Why not use Solutions?

The PowerApps team has developed a similar copy and reuse capability and calls it a Solution. Unfortunately, Solutions require the use of the Common Data Service and do NOT work with SharePoint lists and Libraries.

Price List

all prIces quoted in US dollars

Introduction to P2P Express

P2P Express is the first tool specially created to migrate or copy Embedded PowerApps and Flows associated with a SharePoint List.  This 12 minute video walks you through each step of the process using P2P Express!

Deep Dive - P2P Express

We take a deep dive in this 26 minute video and explore the first tool specifically designed to migrate or copy PowerApps and Flows embedded in a SharePoint List.